Garage Door Installation

Expert Technicians
At, Garage Door Brooklyn our technicians have over 20 years of experience in the garage door field. With their years of structural and operational knowledge, who else would you trust to install or repair your garage door? Affordable service, quality maintenance, and long-term protection guaranteed!

When you are planning to purchase a new garage door, there are few things that you should consider before making the decision.

  • What is the budget?
  • The kind of door you need (insulated/non insulated)?
  • The need a motorized door?
  • What is the size/opening?
  • What color of garage door?
  • With or without a window?
  • Traditional or contemporary?

We can help you answering those questions, by sharing out experience in the garage door repair and installation field. After hundreds of garage doors projects in Brooklyn, NY, there is no garage door project that will be too simple or too complicated for us.

Garage Door Installation
Maybe Its Time to Replace Your Garage Door:

Custom Installed Garage Doors
Design and estimate your dream garage door and accessories with our design team. Choose from different styles and options including traditional or modern.

Garage Door Opener Installation
Find fast, quiet and reliable garage door openers to make coming and going home more convenient. Our garage door selection of products have the latest features.

Garage Door and Opener Repairs
Our professional and licensed technicians specialize in garage door repair on all major brands and models.

How To Measure A Garage Door –  Measurements are used for pricing only. An authorized technician will re-measure to assure proper fit.

How To Measure A Garage Door

A. Width __________ ft. _________ in.
B. Height __________ ft. _________ in.

You must have at least eleven inches (11″) headroom (C) to install your new garage door. Sideroom (D) requires four inches (4″). If you plan to use an electric operator, the headroom increase approximately three inches (3″) depending on manufacturer. Door must be ordered prepared for operator, if operator is to be installed.

Commercial Garage Door Noise Reduction System

Acoustical efficiency is a vital factor to consider. This is specifically real in highly populated cities, areas around roads, railroads, flight terminals and high density suburbs. The demand for effective noise reducing door systems is on the increase and Garage Door Brooklyn can provide an exceptional system that is cosmetically pleasing to the eye and simple to install.

Difficulty Operating the Garage Door:

Garage doors have a lot of moving parts, and if your door is opened and closed frequently, many of those parts will wear out. If your garage door springs are broken or placed under superfluous tension, the safety of your door will be compromised, and therefore will not function properly. Furthermore, such tension will also add additional stress to your garage door opener, increasing the change that it will break or malfunction.

Here Are Some Components That Need To Be Checked During a Maintenance:

  1. Spring(s): Are they broken? Are they about to break? In order to test this, you can check the tension of the springs on your door. If you have an automatic opener, close your door and pull the string on your opener to disconnect it. Then open the door halfway. If it does not remain still, your spring(s) are either broken or need to be adjusted. Do not adjust or remove standard torsion springs yourself. Contact Brooklyn Garage Doors and we will send over a qualified garage door repair professional.
  2. Cables: Are there any worn strips hanging loose on the sides of your garage door? Are the cables frayed? If so, they are in danger of breaking and could cause serious injury or property damage. Contact garage door repair professionals at Garage Door Brooklyn to replace the cables.
  3. Rollers: Do the rollers on the ends of your door move smoothly and quietly? If not, they may require lubrication or replacement. Clopay recommends a high quality nylon roller for the smoothest and quietest operation.
  4. Sections: Look for peeling or fading paint, rust or dented sections.
  5. Track: Are the tracks on either side of your garage door bent or twisted? Are they securely attached to the door jambs, and the ceiling via the rear track hangers?
  6. Hinges: Are the hinges that join the door sections bent or broken? If so, they should be replaced.
  7. Caution: The bottom brackets on all garage doors must not be removed while the door is under tension. Clopay recommends contacting a garage door maintenance professional to replace your hinges.

How To get The Most Out of Your New Garage Doors:

Painting and staining. Wood garage doors will need to be checked every year for cracking, peeling, or fading paint. Wood garage doors must be painted or stained on all sides before installation, and refinished every few years depending on the exposure and weather conditions in your area. Steel, composite or aluminum garage doors do not need to be repainted unless you want to change the color.

Our garage door installation service embodies the definition of precision and aptitude. Our adept technicians and loyal representatives are willing to assist you with any of your garage door needs not only in Brooklyn, but all over New York! That means we also service Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, and Manhattan- basically all of New York City! For true, quality garage door installation at an affordable price, call Garage Door Brooklyn today.