A new generation of garage doors is here! It may be time to replace your worn-down, problematic garage door- continue reading if this pertains to you.
Wood garage doors: Typically built like any panel door in your home, the panels fit into grooves cut into the stiles and rails of each section. Damaged panels can either be cut out separately or the entire horizontal section can be replaced contrarily if you can locate the door manufacturer- but such horizontal fixes may become quite involved. Usually, it is much more cost-effective to replace the entire door, not only providing you with a door that has a more appealing countenance, but one with increased safety and less maintenance issues.
Installing a new door may seem like a hassle, but with the professional technicians at Garage Door Brooklyn, installing doors for your household is a breeze, let us do the work! Installing a new garage door/household door would also allow you to install increased weather-resistant material as opposed to hardboard, as well as incorporate modern safety features, such as pinch-resistant doors and an automatic reversing mechanism with infra-red beams.

New Generation Garage Doors

Steel garage doors: It’s not every day that you’re in the market for a new garage door, so if you think you know what to expect when shopping for a new garage door and feel that current models are the same as your 15-year-old door, you’re in for a surprise. Such steel doors not only encompass a wide array of security features and both interior and exterior mechanism styles, but are much more weather resistant than your current, out-dated door. As a result, while you think you might be saving money by not installing a new garage door, the money you save from heating/cooling bills in the long-run subsequently to installing a high-tech garage door and residential door will be much more lucrative for you.
Out-dated garage doors may be difficult to operate:
Garage doors often have a lot of moving parts, and if your door is utilized frequently, many of these parts will wear out. That being said, if your garage door springs are broken or improperly placed under elevated tension, the safety of your door will be compromised, and your door will not function correctly. In summation, placing additional stress on your garage door may cause it to break or malfunction, so here are some components to look at during an independent check-up:
• Spring(s): Are they broken? If you are not sure, you can test the spring tension of your door. With an automatic garage door opener, close your door and pull the string on your opener to disconnect it. Then open the door halfway. If it does not remain still, your spring(s) are either broken or need to be adjusted. Do not adjust or remove standard torsion springs yourself. Contact a qualified garage door repair professional at Garage Door Brooklyn.
• Cables: Are there any worn strips hanging loose on the sides of your garage door? Are the cables frayed? If so, they are in danger of breaking and could cause serious injury or property damage. Contact a garage door repair professional to replace the cables.
• Rollers: Do the rollers on the ends of your door move smoothly and quietly? If not, they may require lubrication or replacement. Clopay recommends a high quality nylon roller for the smoothest and quietest operation.
• Sections: Look for peeling or fading paint, rust or dented sections.
• Tracks: Are the tracks on either side of your garage door bent or twisted? Are they securely attached to the door jambs, and the ceiling via the rear track hangers? Attempting to adjust the tracks without professional knowledge may cause thee door to fall and cause severe injury.
• Hinges: Are the hinges that join the door sections bent or broken? If so, they should be replaced immediately.
• Caution: The bottom brackets on all garage doors must not be removed while the door is under tension. Clopay recommends contacting a garage door maintenance professional to replace your hinges.
Today’s doors are stronger, more secure and better insulated, and they require much less maintenance than their predecessors, saving you money and time in the long run! If you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please call Brooklyn Garage Door at 718-989- 2059